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What Biosol is all about

Environment & Sustainability Management Consultants

BioSol  Environmental  Consultancy  (E.C) Limited  is  a  specialist  consultancy  firm providing solutions in environmental, health, safety,risk,social consulting services and sustainability related services. The firm offers a unique range of products and services leading to cost minimization, improved quality of products and services, and environmental performance in the client organizations.

Our   clients   include   organizations from the Oil & Gas  sector, Telecommunication sector, Infrastructure, Real estate, Manufacturing and Service sectors, private, public  and  non-governmental organizations.  All face critical sustainability challenges and our clients in these and many other areas rely on our ability to assist them operate more sustainably which has a positive impact on their triple – bottom lines.

BioSol  E.C. believes in strengthening  technical  and managerial  capacity of the client organization  for  continuous  improvement.  Our  approach  to consulting  ensures  the ownership remains with the client and those solutions are” home-grown”, practical and implementable


Promoting Sustainability

The diverse array of services offered are designed to meet our client's needs.

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